New! Nature School

Isn’t it time to start connecting more with Nature? Here is your opportunity to get closer to nature.

Our tenth lesson is on Whales. These remarkable animals have evolved on the Earth over millions of years, and include the largest animals we’ve ever found! Be sure and do the wonderful activities regarding whale sizes, feeding, and more!

To explore previous lessons, click on the “Nature School” pull down menu up above.

Some of the activities you can do indoors, but most will be out in nature.

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2 Responses to New! Nature School

  1. Angela Moreira says:

    Hi Larry! We love your nature school. On our nature walk we saw an amphibian that we have not yet identified. We also heard the chorus and wood frogs in a nearby pond! Thanks! Angela and Lillian (age 5)

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for these wonderful lessons! Had a great time looking for animal homes and exploring rotten logs yesterday in St Louis Park.

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