Fall Nature School, Lesson 3 – Make a Leaf Rubbing Book

This week will be a great week to make a leaf rubbing book because there are so many leaves on the ground. If at all possible try to find some fresh leaves that have recently fallen on the ground. After you have got a selection of leaves, then you are ready to make your book.

In order to watch the Leaf Rubbing Video, do not click on the red box, but where it says, ” Watch on Youtube”.
Watch the demonstration shown below:

This activity has two aspects to it:
a. An art component which includes making the rubbings and outlining the leaf
b. A science component which includes identifying the leaf/tree.

There are two basic groups of leaves – Simple Leaves and Compound leaves:


More Simple Leaves

Each leaf of a compound leaf has many leaflets:


These pages are from Nature Seeker Workbook, by Lawrence Wade.  If you want to download these pages click here:

Tree ID copy

Simple Leaves
Compound Leaves