Midwestern Butterflies Quiz

Is there anything more magical than seeing a butterfly float on the air currents and then land on a colorful flower? Butterflies are so unique and add so much to the landscape that many of us plant special flowers in hopes that one might visit our gardens. I have been photographing butterflies for years and on occasion the experience has changed me. My best photos have come when I slowed down enough to enter the butterfly’s world and did not rush in and try to “steal” a quick shot. As you work through this quiz, look closely at the photos and you may feel the butterfly’s presence that I felt when I took the shot.


What to do: Click on the “Start”  button below to take the Midwest Butterflies Quiz. Read the description of each plant and then guess its name.

Midwest Butterflies Quiz

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One Response to Midwestern Butterflies Quiz

  1. chuck ham (Sarah) says:

    missed the cabbage b’fly because the underside was too yellow-green. thought it was a sulphur! my bad!! and I am a butterfly guy, not a moth guy so I missed the cecropia. not unhappy about that. was disapointed that the skipper was just “skipper sp.” skippers rule!

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