Nature Seeker Workbook

Nature Seeker Workbook

Nature Seeker Workbook is a unique personal field guide to the natural world all around us! It includes:

  • Over 50 field-tested activities
  • Hundreds of detailed and original illustrations
  • Highlights natural science through all seasons
  • Devotes entire units to forests and wetlands
  • Includes nature songs, poetry, weaving and sculpture art activities
  • Links to songs, quizzes and bird recordings by the Old Naturalist
  • Download the promotional Nature Seeker Brochure.

Read a review in the Minneapolis StarTribune!

The Nature Seeker Workbook
167 pages • Author: Larry Wade
$12 ( 50% discount on retail price)  if purchased through this site, plus $2.00 shipping, handling and state sales tax.

If you would like to order Nature Seeker contact Larry Wade directly:
He will make arrangements for shipping within 48 hours and payment directly.

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One Response to Nature Seeker Workbook

  1. Anne Morrow says:

    If I ordered June 26, could you tell me when I’d receive the book? (It’s to be a gift.) Thanks!

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