Spring Wildflowers Quiz

Have you noticed that many native spring wildflowers are in peak bloom now? Take a hike in any forest and you are likely to see them. Mid April to Mid June is a peak time for woodland wildflowers. Most spring wildflowers grow in rich woodland soil. They thrive in the filtered light of the woodland spring, and then die back in June. After the dark months, seeing a spring wildflower can give joy to a winter’s heart.  Get to know these jewels that are growing in your neighborhood.


What to do: Click on the “Start”  button below to take the Wildflower Quiz. Read the description of each plant and then guess its name.

Spring Wildflower Quiz

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6 Responses to Spring Wildflowers Quiz

  1. Fun quiz! I didn’t get more than a few right the first try, but then again, we don’t have a lot of these plants in Alaska. Pretty pictures!

  2. Joan Ungar says:

    Great quiz, Larry — I loved the descriptions and incentive to walk in the woods. Joan

  3. josefina says:

    Love to learn about nature! Anxious to go out for a walk tomorrow and try to figure out these wild flowers!!! GRACIAS Larry!

  4. Dale Antonson says:

    I’m breathless with amazement.

  5. barbara goodman-fischtrom says:

    Fun quiz, thanks Larry. You inspired me to get out there!

  6. Paula Frakes says:

    This is so awesome! I loved taking the test. I did not so bad…but what a great educational tool!!! I look forward to working with you at RidgePointe!!

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