Prairie Flowers Quiz

Prairie land once dominated the Midwest, but today prairies are one of our most endangered habitats. The rich prairie soils of America have gone from being a diverse community of plants and animals to becoming farmland for growing corn, soybeans or wheat. Many of the prairie lands found today are what are called “restored prairies” (land replanted with prairie plant species). I have worked on a restored prairie since 1996, and can tell you that beauty is very subtle on a prairie. However, if you spend the time enjoying the diversity of grasses and flowers, I think you will find “magic of the prairie”.



What to do: Click on the “Start”  button below to take the Prairie Flowers Quiz. Read the description of each plant and then guess its name.

Prairie Flowers Quiz

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2 Responses to Prairie Flowers Quiz

  1. Adam Heckathorn says:

    The fact that I did as well as I did credits Andrea Wakely The nature guide based out of Buffalo river state park. Who says You can’t (with repetition) teach an
    old dog new plants. 😉

  2. nancy braschler says:

    any chance of getting a copy of this test to use with a brownie group in June …
    I could also use it to educate those on our prairie bike/walking trail. we will have a kiosk where I could place them for their use.

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