Fall Nature School, Lesson 7 – Signs of Deer in Nature

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Fall is a great time to look for deer signs in the forest. A “sign” is evidence of a deer’s presence. Fall is deer mating season and many of the signs we find are made by bucks (adult males) who are setting up their territories.

For this posting, I created a Youtube video titled Signs of Deer in Nature.

If you are a teacher, your students can take screen shots of the deer signs as they appear in the video. Then they can write brief descriptions of the signs and put the photos and descriptions in his/her nature notebook.

In order to watch the Signs of Deer Video, do not click on the red box, but where it says, ” Watch on YouTube.

In addition to the video, I made a posting on white- tailed deer that will give you more information about deer.

White-tailed Deer

Take a nature hike in the woods looking for deer signs. If you decide to follow a deer trail, remember “stay safe”. If the temperature is above 32°F, put your socks over your pants to avoid getting bit by a deer tick. Bring along the Signs of Deer handout and check off the signs you observe.


Download the “Signs of Deer”  handout below:

Signs of Deer