Winter Birds

Welcome to Nature School! 
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At Nature School you can learn more about creatures and plants in your neighborhood. Go outside and let “nature be your teacher.” Each week I will highlight activities you can do in nature. Be sure to share a nature note, a photo, or  something you experienced at the bottom of the post (Leave a comment). Here are the first things to do!

To start, make a nature notebook

  • Tell what you did in nature and what you saw.
  • Draw some of the special things you thought were really interesting.
  • Take some photos of your discoveries and add them in your notebook

You can share your experience with others by posting on this website (down below).

Pileated Woodpecker
Photo by Lawrence Wade

Studying  Winter Birds

Our winter birds are still hanging around and if you have a bird feeder, you may have seen some of them.

First, click here to learn about some winter birds. 

If you like, click here for the Winter Birds PDF questionnaire.

Next, try identifying some Winter Birds. Use the identification page below. To download and print this page out, click here.


Canada Goose Behavior

At this time of year, Canada Geese are setting up their territories. Canada geese pairs bond for life. Their nesting sites are at a premium, so they often battle with other pairs for a nest site.

Can you observe any of these behaviors in Canada geese? Click here to download and print the PDF. Take it out into the field with you and check off each behavior you see!













Patterns in Nature

Go outside and look for patterns that you find in nature. Draw or photograph the pattern and put it in your nature notebook. (Cindy Eyden suggested this idea)

Frozen Puddle

Pine tree bark









We’d love to have you share your discoveries and experiences! Be sure and add comments, pictures, audio or video files below (we never sell or share your email information).

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll have more activities for you to do in Nature School!


5 Responses to Winter Birds

  1. Mark Storck says:

    Larry, this looks fantastic! I am going to try to incorporate it into my weekly distance learning plan. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get my students outside. Thank you! Will each week’s edition be available as time moves forward? I don’t start with my kids for 2 more weeks, but would like to start with this one. Thanks

  2. Hope Betterman says:

    Thank you Mr Wade! Don’t know if you remember me, my name is Hope Bourgeault, you were my 6th grade teacher! Now I’m 30 and have a couple kids myself. Me and my kids are doing this project this morning! Heading to the woods. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Emily says:

    We did the winter birds lesson today at Westwood Nature Center. It was a very successful outing! We saw a pair of cardinals, a pair of hawks which swooped down pretty low, a beautiful blue jay, Canada geese, mallard ducks, a pileated woodpecker, and many more we weren’t able to identify.

  4. Kara says:

    Thank you so much for this great information! I am going to get the kids going on their nature notebooks today!

  5. Leslie says:

    Thanks for putting together these fantastic lessons! We explored a flooded area, and saw o lot of water birds . So fun!

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