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Touch the Sky

Photos and text by Julie, Jim, Curran Ikhaml, and the Old Naturalist. The town of Luverne is in the Southwestern corner of Minnesota and is a very interesting areas for a naturalists, geologists, and historians.  The Ikhamls take us on … Continue reading

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Hidden Beauty in Murky Water

Minnehaha Creek  flows out of Lake Minnetonka and lot of fish go over the dam during the spring runoff. I love to snorkel here until the creek gets too polluted by all the human activity on the lake. Winter is … Continue reading

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Saving the Planet, One Weed at a Time

For the past 21 years, four of us have transformed an abandoned lot into a native prairie.  The project has given us an opportunity to express ourselves as guardians of the Earth.  What would our Earth be like, if all … Continue reading

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Alone on a Mountaintop – Wolf Ridge Poet Society

Sixty teenagers ranging in age from 11 – 17 years old in the Northwoods. If you would like to be inspired and feel a burst of creative energy, read what is in the heart of these children. Listening, looking, and … Continue reading

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Minnehaha Muskie

After an hour of exploring the backwaters of the creek, I turned towards shore and  I saw a muskie following about 6 feet behind me. When I  turned toward it, the muskie did not move away. This 3 foot fish … Continue reading

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Pollinator Program


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Dragonfly Art

  A Creative Contribution by Patricia Hauser            Shorewood, MN.   Something about Patricia’s  watercolors really touched me.                                     … Continue reading

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Bee Program

                                                 Bees, Wasps and Hornets   Yellow Jacket                            Bumblebee – There are over 15 species of bumblebee in MN                                                                      Honey Bee Bee Fly      … Continue reading

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Bees, Wasps and Other Pollinators

What do you know about bees and wasps? I would assume probably as little as myself. For most of my adult life, I believed that all bees/wasps stung (not true). The only bees/wasps I knew were the common ones that … Continue reading

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Prairie Pothole Region, NW Minnesota

This aerial photo shows existing potholes and also potholes that have been filled. Over 80% of the small wetlands have been lost to human development. How were the prairie potholes formed?   Roughly, 13,000 years, when the last glaciers were … Continue reading

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