Connect with Us

I love to hear what people are thinking, saying, and doing about their relationship with the Earth–especially students and other young people who are able to put down their phones, pads and get ‘off the grid’ and out into Nature.

I invite your emails, your Facebook posts, your ‘Likes’ to help spread the word, your photographs, and your stories.

I also invite you to get outside and connect with the Earth. Because that’s what it’s really all about.

Larry Wade
The Old Naturalist

2 Responses to Connect with Us

  1. Suzanne Schmidt says:

    Could you add me to your email list?
    I am inspired by the wildness in the photos, stories and poetry.
    Thank you for bringing such simple beauty to my life.

  2. Joyce Eckes says:

    Thank you for this gift of weekly “lessons” / outings. Please add me to your email list – I so appreciate your work in the world!

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