Birds Quiz

Kingfisher, Mississippi River

What to do: Click on the “Start”  button below to take the Birds Quiz. Read the hint for each bird and then guess its name.

Birds Quiz

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6 Responses to Birds Quiz

  1. Sue ODonnell says:

    I love birds and listening to their songs. I have made my yard into a natural habitat for them. So much enjoyment watching and hearing their music. Thank you for the bird quiz. I scored 100%.

  2. Kim says:

    Perfect timing as I saw my first Great Blue Heron of the year yesterday! Great way to celebrate returning and resident fellow mortals! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Robert Sable says:

    My grandkids beat me. I only got 73%

  4. Grandma from Chanhassen says:

    Great quiz Larry. My knowledge of Doves was incorrect.☹️ Many Robins visited my backyard today, SPRING IS HERE !!!!!!

  5. Sarah Sable says:

    Armin and Emeline got 80% on the bird quiz! They are my little birders!

  6. Jaleika says:

    Liked this quiz it was fantastic thank you Mr.w

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