The Old Naturalist is available for a variety of professional services and can add richness, material and value to your school, curriculum, nature program, and personal experiences.

Naturalist in the Schools      This program is based upon 30 years of doing scientific inquiry with elementary students. Most of the programs are lab-based and depend upon student directed learning. I work with one classroom at a time. Many of the science labs are designed to enrich your current FOSS units. Schoolyard fieldtrips can be incredible learning laboratories and can reduce cost. I can design a curriculum specific to your schoolyard.  Physical science labs and the Oceanography curriculum for 4th and 5th grade is from my books, Whales in the Classroom Oceanography and Getting to Know the Whales.

Cost: $50/classroom program –No pay for prep/transportation/or materials.

A free copy of my new book, Nature Seeker Workbook (one/grade level)

Link for the complete program list:                                     NaturalistintheClassroom
Link for description of 1st Grade Programs:                       FirstGradePrograms
Link for description of 2nd Grade Programs:
Link for description of 3rd Grade Programs                       ThirdGradePrograms
Link for description of 4th Grade Programs                       FourthGradePrograms
Link for Nature Poetry for 5th Grade                                  Nature Poetry
Oceanography and Whales for 5th grade                            WhalesOceanography


 Art and Nature Connections

Student work of rock art project.

Student work of rock art project.

For the past 10 years I have been working with Jeanette Dickinson, a gifted visual artist who has developed a number of art projects that relate to the science topic being studied. So in one day a student, may be studying glacial rocks one hour and the next hour creating a rock art project. The following programs have an accompanying art activity. However, Jeanette is capable of develop something special with any science topic.

Student work of Water project

Student work of Water project


Art and Nature Connections

Glacial Rocks Program

Physics of Water Program

Wetlands Program

Oceanography and Whales Program


The cost of these programs is $80/class. One science program and one art class.


Flower Pounding


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