Spring Nature School

The Old Naturalist has created some lessons for you to experience and learn more about Nature in the Spring and Summer.

Our first lesson is on Winter Birds. Learn about and identify some winter birds and the behaviors of Canada geese.

Our second lesson is on Forests In Early Spring. Build on your bird-watching experiences by looking for signs of growth, change and renewal!

Our third lesson is on Signs of Spring. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK there are signs of nature’s life, strength, and the exuberance of growth.

Our fourth lesson is on Early April Adventures. April is an active month; lots of things are changing and creatures are stirring! Don’t miss the show!

Our fifth lesson is Nature in Spring. Get outside and go on a Nature Hunt; learn about Language, Arts and Nature! Take a quiz on Spring Birds and learn how to draw a deer!

Our sixth lesson is Everything Frogs. Frogs are incredibly active in Spring, and you can easily find them and listen to them!

Our seventh lesson is The Wind/Decomposers. Winds are essential for weather; decomposers perform an essential recycling job in Nature. Get outside!

Our eighth lesson is Rock On! Explore a variety of outdoors activities as Spring warms up and everything’s moving!

Our ninth lesson begins a segment on Oceanography. Did you know a large part of the midwest was once under water? We have strong connections with the seas. Read more!

Our tenth lesson is on Whales. These remarkable animals have evolved on the Earth over millions of years, and include the largest animals we’ve ever found! Be sure and do the wonderful activities regarding whale sizes, feeding, and more!

You can do them indoors, but better yet, GO OUTSIDE!

Nature’s waiting!