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Acorns to Oaks

Originally published in September 2013 How many acorns will survive and become mature oaks?  Even if none survive, the project will not be a failure, but a success, because the land had someone caring for its future. There is a … Continue reading

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Hawks on High

Every Fall, thousands of hawks migrate past Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, in Duluth, MN.   Hundreds of bird watchers come for the annual Fall migration.   Phil Fitzpatrick is a poet and is writing a book about Hawk Ridge. Phil said … Continue reading

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Nature School

Gatewood Elementary is becoming known as an environmental school in the west suburbs of Minneapolis. 4th grade teachers, Jeremy Hahn and Amanda Van Wye have incorporated environmental studies into their regular science curriculum. For many years, they have brought their … Continue reading

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Spirit Walk

The untouched areas of the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan provided inspiration and learning for our group of nature seekers. The songs of the forest felt alive in my cells. Never have I felt the natural life … Continue reading

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Autumn Winds

Poets at Gatewood School open their hearts to the changing season. Photos contributed by Gatewood 5th graders. This wonderful student opportunity was funded by the Gatewood PTO. Rob Evers The maple A fallen friend. Decaying slowly Tree huggers crying Rest … Continue reading

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Hatchling Highway

Many thanks to Grace Sheely for sharing this wonderful story. On the morning of September 2, 2014, I was thinking of all the students heading back to school and the excitement of their first day. My brooding thoughts were deeper … Continue reading

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Bee Program

                                                 Bees, Wasps and Hornets   Yellow Jacket                            Bumblebee – There are over 15 species of bumblebee in MN                                                                      Honey Bee Bee Fly      … Continue reading

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Monarch Program

Monarchs are one of the few insects to migrate. The monarchs travel over 1700 miles to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Central Mexico.        Its a Long Way to Mexico C                                                G The monarchs left … Continue reading

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What is Your Eagle Story?

In late October, I was crossing Gray’s Bay, looking for a huge raft of coots that I had seen earlier in the day. Suddenly, the coots were there, but they were “hugging the shoreline” and swimming frantically. They were all … Continue reading

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Decomposer program

Decomposers song C                     Em             F        G Decomposers have a lot to do C                     Em             F           G Their friends in the forest love them too! C                    Em              F              D Chews the leaves that fall on the ground C                     Em          F         G       … Continue reading

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