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Hidden Beauty in Murky Water

Originally posted in 2017. Currently (June 2024), the river is flowing too fast for snorkeling. Text and photos by the Old Naturalist. Minnehaha Creek  flows out of Lake Minnetonka and lot of fish go over the dam during the spring … Continue reading

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Animal Homes

Animal Homes This is a great time of year to study Animal Homes.  Below you will see a Youtube video I created in a park near my house. As you are watching the video, follow along and try to figure … Continue reading

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White-Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer If you live in a suburban area, white tail deer can be pests eating  hostas and vegetables in your garden; destroying a young tree by making it a rubbing post during the rutting (mating) season. But white … Continue reading

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Good Use for a Road-kill Deer

Guest Posting by Dean Hansen. Dean has contributed to Old Naturalist over the years. I noticed a road-killed deer near my land just east into Wisconsin from my home in Stillwater.  I registered the deer online and dragged it onto my … Continue reading

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Fish Whisperer

  First snorkel holding onto a rock in the rapids A large muskie swam up and rested beside me Ecstatic wondered if I should be panicked. Hoped that I was not wearing anything shiny that looked tasty to a muskie. … Continue reading

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My Teacher has Four Legs

Editor note: Gretchen and Dick Alford are people from the Dog Tribe and each share their story. Gretchen: I just returned from the second of our twice daily walks in the back woods with our now 8 year old British … Continue reading

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Life and Death in the Kalahari

Editor’s Note: Jane Ball is a world traveler, and has some incredible photos at her website:     This is the first of a two part series, written by Jane, about her latest trip to Africa.   I recently returned from … Continue reading

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