Animal Homes

Animal Homes

This is a great time of year to study Animal Homes.  Below you will see a Youtube video I created in a park near my house.

As you are watching the video, follow along and try to figure out what type of animal home you are seeing. To help you identify the animal homes use the handout below, from my book, Nature Seeker Workbook.

From Nature Seeker Workbook. Lawrence Wade


To download handout, click here:  Animal HomesPDF copy


If you would like to view another Old Naturalist posting on animal homes that shows the inside of different animal’s homes go to:


Inside a Fox Den


How do you tell the difference between a Crow/hawk/owl nest and a squirrel nest? Look at the two photos below and see if you can tell the difference.

Squirrel Nest
photo by Lawrence Wade

Crow Nest

The Crow/hawk/owl nest is made mostly of sticks and is flat on the top. Whereas the squirrel nest is mostly leaves and is rounded at the top. See if you can tell the difference when you are taking your own nature hike.

Photo by Weston Yost (My Grandson)

Using  your Animal Homes handout what type of nest is this? This nest is made out of paper.  If you are thinking, bald faced hornet, that is correct. Before the first hard frost the queen leaves the nest and hibernates under a log nearby. All of the workers die after the first hard frost. Do not bring the nest inside your home unless it has gotten very cold. The larvae may still be alive inside the nest, if so, they will hatch into adult hornets inside your home (scary!).

Now see if you can make a bar graph based upon the animal homes you found:To download the handout, click here: AnimalHomesBarGraph

Frequent Contributor, Dale Antonson added an observation:

In September of 2020, I was hiking through Minneopa State Park near Mankato, MN. Along Minneopa Creek, I discovered this three story home within the network of roots under a magnificent oak.  It was a magical place.

Photo by Dale Antonson


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2 Responses to Animal Homes

  1. paul gagner says:

    And yet another great read ! Thank you Larry for all you do to contribute to the enjoyment of nature.

  2. Dale Antonson says:

    In September of 2020 I was hiking through Minneopa State Park near Mankato. Along Minneopa Creek, I discovered this three story home within the network of roots under a magnificent oak. It was a magical place.

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