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As a kid, I spent most of my waking hours outside, exploring Sespe Canyon. Hiking into the wilds of the canyon and later on in the Sierras. I was birdwatching, fishing, and sitting under trees. The passion I felt for nature when I was growing up, has never left me.

After graduating from college, I was obsessed with marine mammals and worked on several projects studying sea otters, harbor seals, dolphins and baleen whales. However, I left the sea when I was 30 years old, and moved to Minnesota shortly after. I  stayed connected to the oceans, by writing a book on baleen whales and one on oceanography. It helped ease the pain.

I took up teaching and worked at a nature center, then later I worked in schools and developed an in-depth nature program.  I could feel my impact on students, when I worked as our school district’s naturalist. That was 12 years ago, and I still have young adults coming up to me and saying things like “ I remember seeing my first blue heron with you.” Or “I remember having newly hatched dragonflies landing on me.”

I was a public school classroom teacher for twelve years. It was a new challenge, and I am a better and stronger person having had this experience. But I need to be outside and I want to teach natural science. I am writing again, and it is a book for parents and teachers to work with their children outside in their neighborhoods.

For more information, professional work requests or print materials sales and permissions, please contact me at 952.288.5025.

email address: larrywade16@gmail.com

Click to view an outline of my most recent book, a guide to developing a strong relationship with the natural world: Nature Seeker Workbook. For ordering information, click here or our Contact Us page.

Electronic versions and sample activities of my other books are available through whalebooks.com. For print versions, please go to the Oceanography/Whales page of my Publications tab or see the Contact Us page.

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3 Responses to About the Old Naturalist

  1. Don Smith says:

    Larry I also grew up in Fillmore Class of 1961 and so did my wife Becky Hanna Smith Fillmore class of 1964. Fillmore and the Sespe Canyon were a wonderful place to grow up in the 50’s and 60’s. Mostly gone now. Congratulations on your work.

    • Lawrence Wade says:

      Thanks Don. My oldest brother Scott graduated in 1960 and Randy in 1961. I am very sad to report that the last time I was in Sespe Canyon, 7 years ago, I was sickened to see that there was no public access along the creek. The freedom I enjoyed as a kid of going anywhere I wanted to, no longer exists for children today.

  2. Vicki Donatell says:

    Hello, Larry,
    I just learned of your retirement. Welcome to the next leg of your life’s journey! I am forever grateful for the times you joined us to inspire our kids during the Oceanography unit. I treasure having known and worked with you all those years. Someday when you’re over our way, perhaps you’d have time for a leisurely lunch or at least to enjoy a beverage. cleolovesfood@hotmail.com
    Vicki Donatell

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