Alone on a Mountaintop – Wolf Ridge Poet Society

Sixty teenagers ranging in age from 11 – 17 years old in the Northwoods. If you would like to be inspired and feel a burst of creative energy, read what is in the heart of these children.

Pitcher plants - Curren Ikhaml

Pitcher plants – Curren Ikhaml

Listening, looking, and wondering
Blades of tall grass reaches for my foot
And a gentle breeze ruffles by hair
My spirit soars like the hawk gliding overhead
A fern beckons me, like nature’s hand
And bird’s nest called me into the woods
The falling fog uplifts
A wonder to behold
My life and perspective is forever changed
Jackson Risser

Sundew - Alex Marks

Sundew – Alex Marks

I Wonder
Where does nature come from?
This wonderful gift
The lakes, the birds, the flowers,
And the great big cliffs
Where did the sun come from?
Shining bright in the sky
What would we do without it?
And what would we use for light?
Where did the rivers come from?
Winding through the trees
The crystal clear water can
Go up to your knees.
Where did the flowers come from?
Their petals bright with color
All these questions are making me wonder.
Listen to what nature has to hold
You’ll find great beauty
And stories to be told.

Kathryn Sherman

PearledCrescent - Curren Ikhaml

Pearled Crescent – Curren Ikhaml

The Wind
I move, I whisper, I wake
I prompt light leaves and feathers to shake
I create an end to make.
A light breeze on your hand.
For I am the wind
I lull you to sleep with
My soft little whimpers,
And when the frost quakes
I’ll leave your bones to quiver.
The rocks and the trees
All know I am here.

Their leaves adore clapping
Whenever I’m near.
I am still the wind
In case you’ve forgotten.
I bring rain clouds closer,
Some calm and some rotten.
So listen close, creature,
I can bring great wisdom.

By parting such knowledge,
You could kill a kingdom.

Kinsey Anderson

Kissing Tree Catriona Ray

Kissing Tree
Catriona Ray

Nature is Calling Me
Here on the mountain top
In the peaceful breeze
Upon a quiet rock
All I see to the left and to the right
Is nature all around me.
I feel safe, like I’m meant to be here
It is as if nature is the other half of me.
As I sat on my quiet rock,
The rest of the world seems to float away.
I feel something I have never felt before
It is a dream too good to be true.
I got up to leave,
but I felt nature calling me,
so I said I would come back
I will never leave, ever,
because nature is always calling me.

Evie Kemper

Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate – Nolan Lee

When People Talk
Step, step shhh….
Plants don’t sleep when people talk
Crunch, crunch, shhhh.
Mice don’t scurry when people talk
Crack, crack, shhhh…
Birds don’t sing when people talk
Click, Click shhh…
Wolves don’t howl when people talk
Step, Step.. shhh

Sarah Coval


An eroded dead tree, still standing
How did it die?
Deer trails – almost invisible.
Spittle bugs dripping off the leaves
Individual ecosystems hidden
In cracks of moss covered trees
Being alone in the woods is
So peaceful,
Nothing to worry about,
No one to impress.

Author unknown

Curren Ikhaml

Curren Ikhaml


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3 Responses to Alone on a Mountaintop – Wolf Ridge Poet Society

  1. Joan Ungar says:

    Thank you Larry — Truly inspiring and spiritual. The poetry an pictures really touched my heart! Joan

  2. Becky Johnson says:

    Impressive writing. I liked the first poets line ” my life and perspective is forever changed” that is how I feel! When people talk reminds me to listen to the world around us . Nature also calls me! I have many connections with your writings.

  3. Jane A. says:

    Wow! So inspiring!
    These kids really get “it”.
    Makes me want to go and sit in nature and start journaling!

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