Winter Nature School, Lesson 1 – Mysteries in the Snow – Animal Tracking

This week, our nature hike, we will focus on tracking patterns and try to determine what type of animal created the pattern. Many times the spirit of the animal is evident if the tracks or animal sign is fresh. This is the best time of year to learn about tracking patterns.
What to Do:
1. Download the tracking handout
2. Participate virtually by watching the YouTube video below.
3. Take a screen shot and sketch the pattern you see in the video.
4. Then write down what animal you think made that tracking pattern.

I hope this week’s nature school will inspire you to get outside with your parents and explore the tracks and animal signs in your neighborhood.

Animal Track patterns
Below are the track patterns for this week. Use this handout to help you identify the animal. You can draw and label the track patterns in your Nature Notebook. Also, you can download the tracking page by clicking on the link below and put it in your nature notebook.

Download the tracking page by clicking on the link below:

Now you are ready to experience the animal tracks video. The video is divided into stations. At each station, use your tracking handout to identify the animal and draw each track pattern.

In order to watch the Mysteries in the Snow Video, do not click on the red box, but where it says, ” Watch on YouTube”.


Below you will see the YouTube teacher notes by station. Also, you can download the teacher notes by clicking on the link below.


Download the teacher notes here:

Teacher Notes from YouTube

Follow-up activity:
It is time to get out and see what you can find out in your local park or wildlife area. You can download the activity by clicking on the link below:

Download the Follow-up activity here:

Follow-Up Activity

Animal Signs Bar Graph – Read of the instructions below and create your own bar graph based upon your observations.



Download the Bar Graph activity below: