Fall Nature School, Lesson 2 – Make a Flower Pounded Bookmark


In order to do flower pounding you will need the tools shown above. I tried 3 types of paper. Copy paper did not work at all. Construction paper was better, but I found some high quality paper that worked best. As you can see I used a hammer, if you have a rubber mallet that is supposed to work best.

There are not many flowers left in my garden, but I was able to find a few. If you want to to use your neighbor’s flowers, make sure you ask them before you pick them.

You need to reduce how sticky the tape is. I put the tape on and off my pants 20 times to reduce its stickiness.



First I arranged the petals and flowers on the sticky side of my tape.

Then I covered the sticky side of my tape and flowers with paper that I cut to fit on the tape.






I put a book beneath the bookmark to reduce the noise and pounded up and down the white paper for 2  minutes.

After pounding for a minute I peeled the white paper back from the green tape and decided to pound for another minute.

A finished bookmark. I punched a hole in the top of the paper and put some raffia ( or yarn) as decoration.

The idea for this activity came from the book came from:
Gardening Projects for Kids by Whitney Cohen and John Fisher