Midwestern Waterfowl Quiz

Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca).
(Thanks to Michael Furtman for contributing 3 beautiful photos for this quiz – All other photos by Old Naturalist).

 Dabbling ducks and Diving duck

Dabbling ducks are usually found around shallow ponds. They feed with just their bill in the water or they “tip up” with the entire head underwater and the rear-end rises up. Dabbling ducks are filter feeders and they sift water through their beaks and capture aquatic (water) insects and plants, seeds, snails, and clams. Dabbling ducks nest within a few hundred feet of water in tall grass. Most dabbling ducks breed in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada in what is known as the “prairie pothole” region. This refers to small glacial ponds that dot the prairie states.

Diving ducks totally submerge beneath the water when they are feeding. They dive to the bottom and feed on aquatic plants, seeds, snails, small fish and crustaceans. A duck may mistakenly ingest lead shot that sunk to the bottom after it was fired from a shotgun. Unfortunately, “lead shot poisoning” was a common cause of death in diving ducks. However, lead shot has been outlawed and diving duck populations have rebounded. During the spring migration, divers are seen on permanent ponds and on small lakes. In the winter, they prefer saltwater bays, estuaries, and harbors.


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Midwestern Waterfowl

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  1. Dave McIntosh says:

    I’d like to order two books for grandchildren. Please let me know the amount and where to send.



  2. carol Bensman says:

    Please send us two workbooks. (For two families with grandchildren the correct age to enjoy your book) And Larry, Congratulations! A job well done!
    Our address is 14410 Orchard Rd. Minnetonka, MN 55345
    Please trust us for the money plus postage, or would you rather have that up front? CGB

  3. Fun quiz! Thanks for putting it on-line!

  4. rita says:

    I enjoyed this! It would be fun if you have pictures of the females and little ones, to take a quiz for those!

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