Fall Nature School, Lesson 8 – Solving Mysteries in Nature: Hike #1

This week on our nature hike, we will look for a number of mysteries that need to be solved.
What to Do:
1. Participate virtually by watching the YouTube video below.
2, Take a screen shot or a sketch of each mystery we see in the video.
3. Then write down your solution to each mystery

I hope this week’s nature school will inspire you to get outside with your parents and explore mysteries in nature.  In order to watch the Mysteries in Nature Hike#1 Video, do not click on the red box, but where it says, ” Watch on Youtube.”

Nature Notes
Below are the nature notes from Mystery Hike #1. How many mysteries were you able to solve? You can draw the nature notes and put them in your Nature Notebook. Also, you can download the notes and put them in your nature notebook by clicking on the link below.

MysteryHIke#1Page1 copy

Page 2 of the Nature Notes
Download or draw the nature notes  below and put them in your nature notebook.

Mystery HIke#1Page2