Fall Nature School Lessons

The Old Naturalist has created some lessons for you to experience and learn more about Nature in Fall and Spring.

Lesson 1: We learned how to use plant pigments to create water colors for painting how we see and experience Nature’s beauty and design.

Lesson 2: Students had a chance to try their hand at ‘flower pounding’ and making a bookmark.

Lesson 3: This is a perfect week to start identifying trees by their leaves. You can watch a detailed video on making a leaf rubbing notebook, and you’ll find charts and photos to help you identify leaves.

Lesson 4: We learned how to estimate the age of a tree.

Lesson 5: We learned to see patterns in nature, and have the opportunity to draw and record them.

Lesson 6: We learned how to spot animal homes as we walk through different habitats.

Lesson 7: Look for signs of deer in Nature!

Lesson 8: Solve some of Nature’s beautiful mysteries!