Oceanography School Lessons

The Old Naturalist is pleased to share with you a select group of lessons from the books Whales In The Classroom, Vol. 1: Oceanography and Vol. 2: Getting To Know the Whales.

Oceanography Lesson 1 – Pangaea and Plate Tectonics helps us understand how dynamic the Earth’s crust has been over time, starting with the immense land mass Pangaea many millions of years ago, leading to the continents we know today.

Oceanography Lesson 2 – Features of the Sea Floor and Climate Change ‘drains the oceans’ so we can see what the undersea topography looks like, and how immensely different our undersea world looks at different depths.

Oceanography Lesson 3 – Mapping The Sea Floor takes us across the ocean floor between Nova Scotia and France, mapping the undersea features by plotting the results of depth soundings from a surface vessel.

Oceanography Lesson 4 – Rivers in the Sea introduces us to the huge — and hugely important — currents that flow around the Earth, influencing sea life and weather in countless ways.

Oceanography Lesson 5 – Marine Communities introduces us to the concept of how communities of species live with others in a balanced ecosystem.