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Winter Birds

All photos by Old Naturalist Download the Winter Birds response sheet. Answer the questions using the text below. Click here for the Winter Birds PDF. Not all northern birds migrate south for the winter. A few birds eliminate the dangers … Continue reading

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Winter Nature School – Mystery Hike # 3

This week on our nature hike, we will look for a number of mysteries that need to be solved. What to Do: 1. Participate virtually by watching the YouTube video below. 2, Take a screen shot or a sketch of … Continue reading

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Imbolc- From Darkness Towards the Light

Imbolc, Candlemas or Groundhog’s day has always been one of my favorites because the light returns in the seasonal cycles that earth travels in. It is the hope of springtime and warmth. A time to begin planning and planting and … Continue reading

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Animal Tracking Basics

Below is an excerpt from an expert tracker,  Jonathan Poppele. He wrote the book,  Animal Tracks: Midwest Edition: “Tracking is the study and interpretation of the footprints and other signs left behind by animals as they go about their lives. … Continue reading

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North Country Pilgrimage

Three nights of winter camping in a yurt can change your perspective on life. Jim Gregory and his son David joined me for the adventure. Often working with only the light of his headlamp and a lantern, Jim was able … Continue reading

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Land Untouched by Humans

Spending a few days up on the Gunflint trail, North of Grand Marais, MN changed my emotional outlook. We did not have all of the comforts of suburban life. We became more a part of nature rather than observers from … Continue reading

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Close encounters with White-tailed Deer

If you live in a suburban area, white tail deer can be pests eating the hostas and the vegetables in your garden; destroying a young tree by making it a rubbing post during the rutting (mating) season. But white tails … Continue reading

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The Eagle has Landed

​Story, photos, and artwork by James Gregory, Plymouth, MN. This the second submission Jim has made. To see more of Jim’s artwork and the work of his wife, Kristina go to:    “While skiing across frozen Parker’s Lake right … Continue reading

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Otter Dreams

Three poets, Jeff Saslow, Rich Kessler, and Christina Gregory try to find light and balance during the darkness of winter and the stress of everyday life. Join them, as they express their connection to Nature through the written word.                                                                                        … Continue reading

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Los animales en Invierno

Ese zorro es malo! D No soy malo, Solo tengo hambre G Hambre como puedo ser A Este ardilla parece linda para ti D Me parece comida para mi G El zorro es el depredador D Y la ardilla es … Continue reading

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