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Animal Homes

Animal Homes This is a great time of year to study Animal Homes.  Below you will see a Youtube video I created in a park near my house. As you are watching the video, follow along and try to figure … Continue reading

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White-Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer If you live in a suburban area, white tail deer can be pests eating  hostas and vegetables in your garden; destroying a young tree by making it a rubbing post during the rutting (mating) season. But white … Continue reading

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Good Use for a Road-kill Deer

Guest Posting by Dean Hansen. Dean has contributed to Old Naturalist over the years. I noticed a road-killed deer near my land just east into Wisconsin from my home in Stillwater.  I registered the deer online and dragged it onto my … Continue reading

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Fish Whisperer

  First snorkel holding onto a rock in the rapids A large muskie swam up and rested beside me Ecstatic wondered if I should be panicked. Hoped that I was not wearing anything shiny that looked tasty to a muskie. … Continue reading

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Hidden Beauty in Murky Water

Minnehaha Creek  flows out of Lake Minnetonka and lot of fish go over the dam during the spring runoff. I love to snorkel here until the creek gets too polluted by all the human activity on the lake. Winter is … Continue reading

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My Teacher has Four Legs

Editor note: Gretchen and Dick Alford are people from the Dog Tribe and each share their story. Gretchen: I just returned from the second of our twice daily walks in the back woods with our now 8 year old British … Continue reading

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Life and Death in the Kalahari

Editor’s Note: Jane Ball is a world traveler, and has some incredible photos at her website:     This is the first of a two part series, written by Jane, about her latest trip to Africa.   I recently returned from … Continue reading

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