Fish Whisperer




First snorkel
holding onto a rock in the rapids
A large muskie swam up and rested beside me
wondered if I should be panicked.
Hoped that I was not wearing anything shiny
that looked tasty to a muskie.


Welcome to the underwater world.

a curious male bluegill

Be open to the unknown. Beauty and the mystery awaits you.

Bowfin or dogfish, a bottom feeder. Primitive, creepy and beautiful.

Bowfin or dogfish, a bottom feeder. Primitive, creepy, yet beautiful.

Life abounds,  a spiritual connection with the water beings.

This painted turtle swam right up to me. I thought it was going to bite my nose.

This painted turtle swam right up to me. I thought it was going to bite my nose.

The lake water  is part of you now.
The water inside your body
may have once been part of the lake.

How could anyone name such a magnificent creature “Crappie”?

A tip on photographing fish
Don’t be a predator and chase it
Become part of the water and the weeds
Wait for the fish to come to you.

Walleye swimming in deeper water

Light changes constantly
Depending upon the clouds and the wind.
It dances on the plants and the fish,
Creating a hypnotic connection.


Largemouth bass

Sometimes you see things that makes you thankful to be alive
And you stop breathing
Because you are afraid the experience might end.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike

My first large northern pike.
Inching my way slowly towards it.
Hoping it would stay just one more second.
Making promises that I could never keep.
Awed by its tremendous power and elegance.


Water Lily

Water lilies
magical living beings
Connected to all the elements of life.
Their roots are in the earth
Growing in both water and air.
The sun is needed for life

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

This bass sashayed past me and let me know me it was the king or queen of the neighborhood.



Swimming out into the hinder lands
Turned to see a muskie following.
It circled once and then swam off.
Humbled to experience the raw wildness of nature
And how it feels to be something’s prey.


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8 Responses to Fish Whisperer

  1. Ayla Woods says:

    That’s so cool how you saw so many animals! Did you see a snapping turtle?

  2. Angie A says:

    I too really liked the bluegill, and his indicated movement. The painted turtle swimming towards the camera was very nice as well.
    These photos do capture the magic, the feeling of the other world beneath us, and I very much appreciated seeing them !

  3. Grace Sheely says:

    I liked the bluegill the best. I had no idea that the water lily plants had curly roots. Learning every day.

  4. Linda says:

    Very nice, the elegance in that world we miss by being in air. I can hear the water and bubbling movements…

  5. Janine says:

    Thank you for sharing your understanding and thoughts of the majestic underwater world.

  6. Dale Antonson says:

    Simply amazing photo’s of the secret world that is right here, below our field of vision. I hold a lot of gratitude for you, your underwater camera and these posts. Thank you.

  7. Randy Wilcox says:

    These are great under water pictures thanks for sharing

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