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Hidden Beauty in Murky Water

Originally posted in 2017. Currently (June 2024), the river is flowing too fast for snorkeling. Text and photos by the Old Naturalist. Minnehaha Creek  flows out of Lake Minnetonka and lot of fish go over the dam during the spring … Continue reading

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Insights Outside – Feel the Land

Artwork and Text by Linda Jensen I want to show aesthetic beauty and the unnoticed, unusual stories that catch my eye and my imagination. I am concerned about human beings losing perspective in our forward momentum as we try to … Continue reading

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Los Ojos de la Naturaleza The Eyes of Wildness

Editado por Alli Redfield Platter y Luz Toledo de Instituto Jovel, San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico Observar la naturaleza es un proceso de descubrimiento, De encontrar la cuenta detrás de lo que se ve, Entender más y ser tejido en la … Continue reading

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Off the Grid

Jim called, Want to go kayaking at Isle Royale? ‘Sure’, my 18 year old self said. Oops! I’m 74. Isle Royale or Minong (in Ojibwe) is an archipelago 40 miles off the coast of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota. It … Continue reading

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Spring Is Cancelled – Nature is not!

Thanks to all of the contributors to this post: Sabrina Harvey, Mary Goehle, Jules Ikhaml, and Jenny Boldt. Many of us living in the North Country are pretty sure that Spring is not going to come. But, there are those … Continue reading

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Road Less Traveled

Photos and text by Josh Lewandowski and Hue (pronounced Way) Dao. Follow Josh and Hue’s  yearlong adventure:     @joshlewandowski    @hue2go You know the pictures, the ones with high-top econolines, moneyed sprinters, and colored vanagons perched precariously on lonely canyon rims or … Continue reading

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Going Solo in the BWCA

Holly Einess has a Biology degree from St. Olaf College and is a Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer. Her dream is for humans to welcome nature into their everyday lives and to live in kinship with their fellow creatures on this … Continue reading

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Cierva Cove, Antarctica

Photos and text by Jane Ball. Jane is a frequent contributor to the Old Naturalist. She has traveled the Earth and is a true guardian of our Planet. To me, Cierva Cove in Antarctica is one of the truly magical places … Continue reading

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The Beauty and Value of Fungus in a Forest Ecosystem

A fungus photo essay by Jen Ganley who is from New England; Janine Pung who is from Minnesota; and Jim Cotton from Redwood country, Northern California; Maria Montero, from Minnesota. Thanks to Ron Spinosa of the Minnesota Mycological Society for … Continue reading

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Finding Balance in Nature

I am thrilled to share this posting that includes the voices of so many people who love nature. I hope you have time to enjoy the creative energy that they have expressed through their photography, stories, poetry and art.   … Continue reading

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