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The Old Naturalist is available for professional services detailed here. To contact him, to order copies of the Nature Seeker’s Workbook, or to order print copies of the Whales and Oceanography book series:

Lawrence Wade
15524 Day Place
Minnetonka MN 55345
952.288.5025 (Central Time)

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  1. Jon Drew says:

    Yesterday evening, 11-6-2014 I was walking thru Big Willow park and noticied beaver chewed trees and the start of a dam where Minnehaha creek turns under the railroad bridge.
    My first thought was wouldn’t it be cool if the city of Minnetonka could actually manage this dam so that people could view the work and learn about this animal instead of just ripping out the dam and evicting the Beaver. Do you think this is a possibility? and if so who should I contact to push for this outcome?
    All the best, Jon Drew

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