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What is Your Eagle Story?

In late October, I was crossing Gray’s Bay, looking for a huge raft of coots that I had seen earlier in the day. Suddenly, the coots were there, but they were “hugging the shoreline” and swimming frantically. They were all … Continue reading

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Owl Program

Owls – The Great Hunters       Hoo Hoo Hoo D                             C                 D Is the sound of my call in the night Woosh, Woosh, Woosh D                           G                     D Is the sound of my wing’s quiet flight D I eat mice … Continue reading

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Animals in Winter program

I am Just Hungry   by Billy B. ( That fox is mean! D   I am not mean, I’m just hungry G   Hungry as can be A   That squirrel looks cute to you But it looks like food to me    … Continue reading

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