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20 Below Zero – Seeking a Reason to Smile

 February 2nd is “Cross-Quarter Day” – half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. In early times, northern cultures celebrated this day with dancing and song. Here in the U.S., we call it “Groundhog Day”. There is hope … Continue reading

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A Naturalist’s Shame – Lessons from Nature

The first event occurred in early January. Someone told me that a snowy owl had been seen near the Arbor Lakes Shopping center about 20 minutes from my house. I went online and got complete directions where the bird might … Continue reading

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Frozen River

Morning hike – a little unsure of the new formed ice Hidden beauty, frozen in time   Memories of a summer long gone The inner space of a frozen river   Elaborate art installations litter the river walk  Unexpected gifts … Continue reading

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Winter Birds

All photos by Old Naturalist Download the Winter Birds Activity. Answer the questions using the text below. Click here for the Winter Birds PDF. Not all northern birds migrate south for the winter. A few birds eliminate the dangers of … Continue reading

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Animal Tracking Program

     Walker  /  Caminante Hopper  / Saltadora   Big Foot – Little Foot  /   Pie Grande y Pequeño Qué Usted Necisita Hacer 1. Escriba su nombre 2. Escriba el Nombre del Animal 3. Lay-out  del Huella del Animal 4. . … Continue reading

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Animals in Winter program

I am Just Hungry   by Billy B. ( That fox is mean! D   I am not mean, I’m just hungry G   Hungry as can be A   That squirrel looks cute to you But it looks like food to me    … Continue reading

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