Signs of Spring 2014

January 15
On a below zero morning I heard my first sign of spring. Who was calling in the cold?

cardinal and  “fee bee” call  of the chickadee

January 17
I was skiing and heard the drumming of a downy woodpecker in the distance.

March 7th
I saw these tracks going right by my front door. A raccoon had left its den and was searching for a mate.

March 11
First chipmunk scurrying around. My dog was very excited.



March 19th
I saw and heard three flocks of geese fly overhead and I could feel the winter chill loosening its grip.


March 23rd
The sweet song of bluebird was a welcome sound.



The cooing of a mourning dove (March 23rd)



Vultures circling on their northerly migration (March 23).

A soaring turkey vulture (photo by Mike Farrell)

(photo by Mike Farrell)

(March 23rd).  first killdeer

Pussy willow flowers are starting to open (March 23rd).

March 24th – Vole tunnels in the grass as the snow recedes.


March 26th
A great blue heron flew overhead.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

When I heard the first robin singing from the trees, it put a smile on my face (March 26th).

First female robins return on April 17th.

Male robin


Male redwing blackbirds returned and were singing from the cattails (March 26th).


April 4th
It was a short maple syrupping season, only a few days.

A box elder tree being tapped for sap.

A box elder tree being tapped for sap.

April 5
I saw my first wood ducks checking out the pond near my house.


April 7th  first 60° day
Mourning cloak butterfly. One of the few butterflies that over- winter.

Mourning cloak

Mourning cloak

April 12th

The chorus frogs started singing two days ago. If you listen to the recording, you will hear the chorus frogs and the “clucking” of the wood frog.

A calling wood frog with inflated abdominal sacs.

A calling wood frog with inflated abdominal sacs.


April 13 – First Wild Leek – A blessing to see something green emerging from the earth.


April 20th Flicker Calling

Common Flicker photo by Linnea Palmquist

Common Flicker
photo by Linnea Palmquist

April 21st

First hepatica blooming

May 1st First painted turtle

Painted turtle sunning itself.

Painted turtle sunning itself.

May 5th American toads start singing




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5 Responses to Signs of Spring 2014

  1. barry bonoff says:

    Larry, Thanks for including me in on these wonderful shots bb!

  2. Laurel Wade says:

    I love the picture of the bluebird. We saw one up in the mountains this weekend!

  3. Joan Ungar says:

    Thank you, Larry, for these wonderful sounds and sights of spring. Joan

  4. Steve Casper says:

    Hey Larry what size lens did you use for that photo of the heron? Must be a pretty big one since that bird looks to be about 2000 miles away in California! 🙂

  5. Debbie Johnson says:

    Encouraging signs of spring and fabulous photos-thanks for sharing

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