Sights and Sounds of Spring 2020

Mid February
I heard my first signs of spring. What birds were calling in the cold?

(cardinal and  “fee bee” call  of the chickadee)

Mid March – Vole tunnels in the grass as the snow melts.

Vole Tunnels in the Grass

Late March
Pussy Willows in the marsh

Pussy Willows

Late March
The fluted song of a male Robin is in all our neighborhoods.

Male robin

Late March
First chipmunk scurrying around.




Late March
The sweet song of a bluebird was a welcome sound.


male Bluebird

Late March
A male Redwing calling  “Oka-lee” in the marsh.

male redwing displaying


Late March First wood ducks make an alarm call as they fly away.

Wood Duck male and female are found in the shallow ponds


Signs of spring to be looking for in the future

First week of April
Vultures circling on their northerly migration

A soaring turkey vulture (photo by Mike Farrell)

(photo by Mike Farrell)


Mid April
Chorus Frogs and Wood Frogs
In this recording, you will hear the cricket-like sound of the chorus frogs and and also the “clucking” of the wood frog.


Wood frog calling with inflated calling sacs on it abdomen.

Late April    
Early Spring butterflies that over- wintered behind the bark of trees.

Red Admiral


Mourning cloak

Mourning cloak


April 13 – First Wild Leek – A blessing to see something green emerging from the earth.


April 20th Northern Flicker Calling


April 21st

First hepatica blooming. Native Spring Wildflower

April 24 First painted turtle

Painted turtle sunning itself.

I hope that soon I will hear the call of the of the American Toad.

An American toad calling in spring
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4 Responses to Sights and Sounds of Spring 2020

  1. K Brown says:

    Well done! ~ I listened to all the recordings and recognized several from our backyard, then even tried drawing a bird. Great idea to add that. What a joy. Thanks!

  2. Adele Binning says:

    I am an elementary school science teacher and I am excited to look through these resources as I plan my lessons for my students’ “distance learning.” I want to get them outside as much as possible. If we cannot be in our school, it might be a blessing that they can be in their “outdoor classroom.” Thank you for making these available!

  3. Mark Storck says:

    My hepatica is already blooming on March 30, 2020.

  4. Angie Adamec says:

    Sites and Sounds Spring 2019 ; Very nice Lawrence; Simple and educational and beautiful all in one small teaspoon each. It leaves me peaceful.

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