What is Life?

Our readers ponder, the age old question, “What is Life?”
Each person contributing a 3 line form that is unique and a blessing in its own way.

Thanks to all the contributors (in order): Kathleen Kahlil, Dewey Hassig, Allison Platter, Carol Wade,  Linda Hansen, Rich Kessler, Steve Casper, Judith Brook, Cathy Jordan, Lucia Harland, Dale Antonsen, Lyndra Hearn Antonson, Jennifer Parker, Paula Frakes


Photo by Old Naturalist

What is Life?
The aliveness in every cell
as the wind blows through
connecting, caressing, informing.


An oak tree
An acorn
A squirrel
Perpetual motion.




Photo by Mick Schulte


What is Life?
Fresh air, movement, and nature
Love, family and companionship
Growth, laughter and wisdom


The tiny fingers of a  newborn grasping yours
The joy in her parents faces
The wonder of all that is to come



What is Life?
Breathing in and out of fears and disappointments – letting go, leaning in, living on Inhaling hope in the sparkle of snowfall, exhaling angst, hurt & hurry,
A late day sun blanket, a swish of air when nature breathes too.

Linda Hansen

Photo by Linda Hansen


What is Life?
Sweet, cool, red chunks of watermelon quench my thirst
Crashing waves, salt air, hot sand and creosote boardwalks
Smell of old magazines, 60 years ago, in grandma’s attic.


“Stream stomping” with my two daughters
And sitting on the shore eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Watching dragonflies mate and lay their eggs on the duck weed right before our eyes

Photo by Mike Farrell

Photo by Mike Farrell


What is Life?
Damp fresh smell by the ocean that clears my lungs from city traffic and city streets.
Hearing bird songs and thundering waves that clear my head from too much chatter in my mind.
Feeling my soul while walking in the woods surrounded by breathtaking grandeur.

China Cove -Wade

China Cove – photo by Old Naturalist


                                                             What is Life?

It is the secrets of the forest,                                    The sound of wind in the summer leaves
buried below layers of pine needles                            The cold blue and white of winter
The babble of the brook teaming with life
The sway of the top-heavy grasses in the marsh





                                                         What is Life?
The Spark of the Creator                                                 Life is a gift from God 
Within the everlasting souls                                 A spiritual opportunity to learn
Of all who dwell in the sacred space                    How to give and receive divine love
Of this Garden we all share

Big Bay

Big Bay – Photo by Dale Antonson


What is Life?

It is the bent backs working steamy rice fields to feed families
The cacophony of colors reflecting the sunlight|
The innovation born in remote corners of our world to adapt and thrive

Jennifer Parker

Photo by Jennifer Parker


What is Life?
The brilliance of fresh newly fallen snow
Crisp air breathed in… warm breath breathed out
Another day … alive with purpose and hope.

Photo by L Wade

Photo by Old Naturalist

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4 Responses to What is Life?

  1. Mary Ann Lisk says:

    I am printing this for my Grandchildren who are all beyond childhood but enjoying life’s challenges. Thank You for the beauty for the Brain and the eyes.

  2. Janine Pung says:

    What an inspiring way to begin 2015….thank you, Larry!

  3. Jessica blum says:

    I love this. No wonder you published early. Fantastic.Thank

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love these!

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