An Unexpected Experience – A Fish Tale

Reader, Steve Casper noted:                                                                                                        “Larry you should put a note on the top of this blog that all the pics have hi-res versions if you click on them- they are so big that they make great wallpapers for my computer! The carp is on mine now”.






Safety in numbers                                                                                                                       Hundreds of eyes staring at me.                                                                                                            I was a giant in their midst.

"This is my world", the bass said.

“This is my world”, the bass said.

Out of the shadows, something BIGGER than I have ever imagined.                                                                                                                                                   An aura of royalty swishes past me.                                                                                               The fishermen on the shore will be licking their chops if they see it.                                            In spite of its beauty and size                                                                                                                I wonder if it will survive the week-end onslaught.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is surreal                                                                                                                                              Just a normal day when I woke up this morning                                                                         But now, it is not.


What does a bass see when it looks at me?                                                                                      Am I as luminous as I perceive her to be?                                                                                 What is the sound of a bass breathing?                                                                                     Shi-shi- shu                                                                                                                                        Does a bass savor its food?                                                                                                                  Like I savor a melon                                                                                                                       Unlikely

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A crappie trying to blend in with a school of bluegills.                                                               But its beauty and uniqueness shine through.                                                                             How could a fish so elegant be named “crappie”?


We are supposed to hate carp                                                                                                             But to me they are like 30 pound puppies                                                                                          With their big teary eyes                                                                                                                         If only they would let me pet them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy first Walleye                                                                                                                                        So mysterious and coveted by fishermen                                                                                            I tried not to picture them on the grill                                                                                                 A few swam away very fast                                                                                                                      I think they saw the drool running down my chin.


Brown bullhead, strange looking and swims in the dark corners of the creek                            In January, this will be the only fish that will survive  due to the lack of oxygen in the water I hope the other fish get the message, and swim downstream to the Chain of Lakes.

Sam Barczak

photo by Sam Barczak

Sam showed me how to find a crayfish.                                                                                           “Look for the antennae sticking out from beneath the rock”                                                          I hope it found a new hiding place before one of the big bass grabbed it.


Pike                                                                                                                                                       What does power and speed look like?                                                                                              A streaking bullet,                                                                                                                               Only a blur in the water
Big enough to give me a chill up my spine
The utmost respect





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10 Responses to An Unexpected Experience – A Fish Tale

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  2. Steve Casper says:

    Larry you should put a note on the top of this blog that all the pics have hi-res versions if you click on them- they are so big that they make great wallpapers for my computer! The carp on mine now.

  3. Dale Antonson says:

    I’m privileged to hear your tales. Thank you for including me!

  4. Allison Wade says:

    This photos could never be replicated and neither could your experience. Thanks for sharing D! I wish I was there (as always)

  5. Ken says:

    A world within a world described by a heart in living both. Thanks.

  6. The curiosity and appreciation seems to be mutual as the expression in the fish’s eyes seems to express great love for you. The first photo is my favorite as all eyes are upon you, like a pasture of cows on the passerby. Thanks for these, Larry!

  7. Steve Casper says:

    I saw Larry when he was shooting these photos yesterday. He was like a kid that just got dropped into Candyland. It was quite a sight seeing those big bass just cruising around in the shallows paying no attention to Larry or my daughter and I with our masks and snorkels.
    Thanks for sharing your great pics Larry!

  8. Margaret McChesney says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reconnection with nature and moment of added joy and peacefulness. Would it be okay if I forward it on to John? He enjoys the connections and inspired special moments as he studies.

  9. Cris says:

    An experience we should all have. Nice post, Larry.

  10. Anonymous says:

    beautiful pictures and beautiful narrative to describe your experience – love it!

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