Ten Year-Old Farmer

Curran Ikhaml is a 5th grader at Gatewood Elementary. Her parents, Julie and Jim are committed to living close the land in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. This is her story:

“I got the idea to have my own garden because my family has been gardening for a few years now.  I wanted my own space, a peaceful place of my own. I decided to plant classic things like corn and tomatoes, the same things that are in pretty much everyone’s garden.

IMG_0431The hardest thing about growing a garden is the weeds!  Once they get started, they are full-grown within a day or two. What I liked best about the experience was watching my tomatoes turn green, orange, then red. The veggies I liked the most are corn and butternut squash. Next year, I am going to plant corn, tomatoes, and take another shot at carrots. The carrots and dill were ruined in a hailstorm.

For those kids who want to plant their own garden, let me give a few suggestions:
Don’t rototill because the weeds come up quickly afterwards. Also, check your garden every day in midsummer, or things will get overgrown and rotten.

In addition to gardening, I like having lots of animals at home, like chickens and a rabbit.  I also like to go camping.”

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9 Responses to Ten Year-Old Farmer

  1. Josefina Varas Montero says:

    Nice story Curran!
    Thanks for sharing part of your green thumb and heart!
    Now getting into the cold season, is great to think of the opportunity we’ll all have soon, next spring…chance to get inspire by you Curran and make our own veggie garden!!!
    I am very happy with kale growing even until ice is on top of it!
    We could make a veggie garden club and help each other!

  2. Grandma Bonnie says:

    Curran I had fun helping you pick your cherry tomatoes and watching you make catsup out of them! Good job! Love grandma.

  3. Darla says:

    Great Job Curran!!!!!
    It was a delight to read about your garden and animals. Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Cathy Gruenhagen says:

    Great job Curan love the pictures!

  5. Candy Anderson says:

    Way to go Curran! Great article and it looks like a great garden!

  6. Jeremy Loveless says:

    Nice work Curran! I’d like some green and jalapeno peppers, if you’d like like to take a shot at those next summer too!

  7. Patricia Hauser says:

    Well done, Curren, your garden looks so lush and full of life! Good luck next year with your carrots, dill, and hopefully no hailstorms. It was fun reading your garden story and seeing the delightful pictures that went with it.

  8. Mary Serdar says:

    Lovely. Perhaps Curran will start the first organic farm in Minnetonka and make us all healthy. Tending plants and animals is good for the body and soul.

  9. Grace Sheely says:

    Nice work and beautiful garden. I see lots of hard work and some enjoyable profits. I had fun making concord jam from wild grapes in my yard near Gatewood. I did not know that grapes only grow on new vines. I think there might be a parable in new growth and fruit. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story with photos.

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