Hawks on High

Every Fall, thousands of hawks migrate past Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, in Duluth, MN.

A juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk


Hundreds of bird watchers come for the annual Fall migration.


Phil Fitzpatrick is a poet and is writing a book about Hawk Ridge. Phil said that he is writing this book to bring the “Magic of Hawk Ridge alive” for the readers.

Release of Sharp-shinned Hawk

Phil’s poem about a release:

Release III

like you are holding a cup
he tells me
my eyes intent
the hawk’s too
make a C now
the head is turned
they can do that
close your fingers
around mine
wildness in our hands
bony yellow legs
long talons stretch
hold him up
we all watch
hawk and people
all quiet
streaked brown beauty
hold him up
like The Statue of Liberty
perfect images
cup statue
raised up
one two three

Artist Penny Perry

Penny will be illustrating the book in pen and ink.

I have spent a good part of my life observing and drawing birds. Penny Perry

Phil needs to raise some money to pay his talented artist Penny Perry and publish his book, Hawks on High. He has started a KickStarter campaign to pay for the project. Any profits for the book will be donated to the Hawk Ridge Sanctuary.

To see a video about Hawk Ridge, and to read more of Phil’s poetry go to :





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