The Maple Tree


A MAPLE TREE in the Coastal Redwoods

If your body is not rooted to the planet, you cannot know who you are spiritually. If your body does not have the soul of the planet in it, then your etheric soul cannot know your body and your body cannot know the etheric world.

The Earth has created billions and billions of life forms, all of which have to learn to live on this planet and be a part of it. If you want to be conscious, to be knowing, to be spiritual, you cannot do it without your physical body. To know caring, you have to take care of life other than your own. If all you know is what is good for yourself and no one else, you are neither human nor spiritual. You cannot be real until you allow your body to have the spirituality, the awareness of what it is to be part of something so much larger than yourself.

The physical planet you live in is an astounding soul. It is extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable. We know this because of the amount of water and the amount of life it sustains. If you want to be spiritual, I would suggest you begin to allow this planet into your body. And when I say “allow’, maybe you should ask. Ask that it will join you in your body. Ask if you can actually connect to it. Ask if it’s even willing to come to you and you come to it.

The asking is as important as the receiving. Expectations are cruel. If you expect that the planet is just going to connect to you and help your body with your spirituality, that is like expecting the person next to you to hand over everything you want from them. You have to be ready to receive it. And to the best of your ability, you have to be willing to be part of the planet, to understand how the planet is alive.

You cannot demand connection from another life form. You can only ask and hope that the connection will actually occur. When you begin to look for connection you have to begin to look at your responsibility in how you’re going to receive the connection, how you’re going to grow with it, and how you’re going to give the connection to others. When the planet connects to you it allows you to learn much more not only of the physical world, but the physical spirituality. This then allows your etheric soul to be even much more a part of your physical world and allows your physical world to be more part of the etheric worlds. One cannot do without the other.

In a shared life of physical spiritualness, your body gives life to your etheric soul in the physical domain; your etheric soul gives life to your body in the etheric domain. Where the two come together to make a third and that is where you grow – in the third. As that continues in your life, you are always being reborn, always finding another path or making the path you’re on stronger.

You must develop better roots. Nature gives you roots; gives you the knowledge of who you are as a physical being; and feeds your body and your human soul. It allows your body to be an alive being, alive soul, that can be fluid in a physical form. However, it is the Earth’s soul that teaches your body how to flow. It is not your etheric soul.

If you want to be strong, you have to be like a tree. I am deeply rooted into the soil and to the water. I can only be as strong as my roots are strong and deep into the planet. That includes what I can receive, not what I can take. It is not about what I am going to get. It’s about what I am going to give and receive. If in fact, you believe everything is about you, you will receive nothing from the planet. All that you receive you must look to see where you can share it, not just with your mind but also with your heart.

The Earth will not touch you if your heart is small. The Earth will not touch you if you are small in mind. If you intend to do harm, the earth will withdraw and not connect to you, so you can actually become even more harmful. Evil exists without connection. It destroys connections.

If you cannot be a forest where the roots mingle together and the crowns fill the air and feel the rain together, you cannot grow. You will be a tree that never takes root and never grows. You will be the first one to blow over with the wind. It is within a forest that the trees grow stronger. You cannot do this as one. You have to be one and then the many.

When you bring life you bring so much more spirit, earth, your solar system, what you call God. What you experience when you think of God is just one. Whereas we experience a multiple form, that has no name because it is so many vibrations, so many particles, so many drops of water, so much of everything. It is life and it is death coming together continuously in such a way that it has the ability to breathe life and to breathe death at the same time.

Hopefully that is what you will try to learn— how to be beyond yourself, how to be more than just you – that your root system spreads out all different levels of earth and your crown hears the wind. Listen to the wind. It brings in sounds and shares that with the roots, and the roots share it with the crown. It is that whole, amazing, multitude of life that comes from your planet and so much more with the soul.

You will have everything because then you are real. Then you are alive. Then you can be in caring. Then you can be more yourself.

Many, many life forms would not exist without the forest. We are the home to multiple life forms, and in that we become a multiple life form. When you become a home to so many different forms of life, you become so many different lives yourself. It is the only way you can be really alive when you are a home to so much more life than your own. Without others your life becomes small. It becomes solid. Your roots can’t take hold. They cannot bring in nutrients and your crown cannot bask in the sun. It cannot give life to what’s in the air because it cannot receive life from what’s beneath your feet. If you are only yourself, your roots do not go out to the water. They do not grow strong in the dirt. They do not touch any other life form. They do not give life. They do not become a home to life forms.



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