5 Minutes With a Robin




How many robins have you seen on the lawn, but never really watched them?
In five minutes you could learn a lot about robins, and probably end up having more questions than answers. Possibly you’ll notice that a robin cocks its head to one side? Is it listening to worms moving underground or is it looking at something? On a piece of paper make a map of the movements of a robin on your lawn.

How about squirrels? They are so common, we usually don’t pay much attention to them. Watch one running through your trees some time, it will make your jaw drop. Why do they chase each other around in the spring? Where are their homes? What type of squirrels do we have in our neighborhoods? Spend five minutes and track where a squirrel goes during that time period. Make a map of its movements.


Wood frog calling

If it is spring, you have probably heard frogs calling. But have you stopped to listen to them and become immersed in the sound? Do they call continuously or stop and start? Can you hear individual frogs? Is there more than one species calling? (If you are not sure of what types of frogs are calling go to: www.oldnaturalist.com/frogs-frogs-frogs/)



How about glacial rocks? Have you ever spent a few minutes looking at the various types of glacial rocks that you are using for landscaping around the house. There are many beautiful and interesting types of rocks.

Go to:


My point is that if you spend a few minutes looking and listening to common things in my neighborhood, you appreciate the natural life that surrounds you Nature is a great teacher, the more you observe, the more questions you’ll probably have. We are not concerned about answers, because when the questions start to flow, you’ll know that you are connected.

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