ArtStart’s Eco Arts Fest

Earth Guardian Play

Earth play – Props, masks and script  by Julie and Gustavo Boada

Children and artists of all kinds honoring and celebrating our home, the Earth. ArtStart’s Eco Arts Fest was all that and more. The 8th annual event was held at Harriet Island in St Paul. There were 15 different elementary schools represented at the opening event, with students carrying or wearing art that honored the Earth. ArtStart artists worked with students at their schools months before to help them make props for this special event.

Earth parade

Earth parade

 Artist, Gusavo Boato worked with students to create the cranes

Artist, Gustavo Boada worked with students to create the cranes for the opening parade.

The event is the brainchild of ArtStart director, Carol Sirrine. She and Cindy Smith orchestrated the entire event. They got funding, found schools to participate; hired talented artists to work with students; and did the dirty work that it takes to put on a large event such as this.

Masks and costumes were created by Julie Boato

Masks and costumes for the Earth play were created by Julie Boada

One of the highlights of the EcoArts Fest was the play written by Julie Boada. In addition, she and her husband Gustavo created the amazing masks/costumes for the play. The energy was superb….so caring for the Earth, our home.

The story was very moving about two humans who were so connected to the Earth, but lost their way, and then had to remember their love and caring hearts for their home. In many ways it was our human story that was being told and it was comforting to have the truth be spoken and for the children to hear it.

The blue heron could not withstand the strong south winds.

The blue heron could not withstand the strong south winds and needed to be laid down.

Artist, Armando Gutierrez worked with students from ISLA, a spanish immersion school in Hopkins, MN, and they created drawings of migratory birds.

Swans by Livia Hernke

Swans by 4th grader Livia Hernke

Indigo bunting by

Indigo bunting by Linnea Tix

Snowy Owl by  Matthew Mehr

Snowy Owl by Matthew Mehr

Julie Boata putting together her bald eagle.

Julie Boada connecting the wings of  her bald eagle. Every feather had an Earth prayer written by students.

There were a number of dancers and drummers from different cultures.

Kapulli Yaocenoxtli-Mexican dance group

Kapulli Yaocenoxtli-Mexican dance group






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3 Responses to ArtStart’s Eco Arts Fest

  1. Alli Platter says:

    What an incredible display of creativity and love for our planet. You captured this beautifully with these images.

  2. Patricia Hauser says:

    Gorgeous…the pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing both the pictures and stories and giving the artists and organizers recognition for creating and putting on such a special event…touching.

  3. mary hirsch says:

    So cool!! thank you!

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