Art from the Heart of the Earth

Chinese ink and Brush paintings – James Gregory
I like painting nature because in order to paint I have to get out of my analytical mind and actually see the scene in order to paint it. This experience of turning off my expectations of how I think something should look allows me to access parts of my awareness which get blunted in daily thinking.



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Photo by David Nelson

Photo by David W. Nelson

I almost cried.
There was an affinity in the woods,
A stillness of calm,
And peace,
And pride.
The wind filtered through the brush
And touched
Ever so lightly,
The rustling leaves
And the flowing current.
Upon which the Egret
Displayed their grace with dignity.
There was an affinity
And I almost cried.




Robin Sanislo – photography and poetry



The question of art for me
Is in my home and surrounding gardens.
My gardens are one way I connect to nature
And the promise of spring
Is my favorite time to witness nature.
And birds….
I love their visits to my yard
And I provide lots of suet and thistle for them year round.
Oh, and the bees, too.
I love them when they move about all the flowers.
I love to listen to them do their work.
And then, voila…
I reap lots of raspberries
and plums
and even peaches.

Christina Gregory – Chinese Ink and Brush Painting

Spring’s Rhythm

I feel the beat of Spring today in crescendo and legato
Of wind that stirs the chimes to rise
And practice their scales.
da da daaaa    da da daaaa.   Da da da da da.     Da da da da da

I feel the beat of Spring today in the heartbeat of Mother Earth
Held tenderly in the dark and moist home
Singing a lullaby to the new born flowers.

I feel the beat of Spring today in the sap that pulses upward to feed new leaves
To touch the buds with nectar sweet
And treat humankind to sweetness on their pancakes.

And I hear the grace notes of the rain
Quickly against the window pane in the early morn
Lightly lightly tapping out a rhythm the stars can dance to.

And on the lakes I hear the creak and sway of cracking ice
Thundering like the largest drum
Releasing with each beat the water for the boats to come.

         Christina Gregory


LoneWolfLone Wolf

The lone wolf comes in from cold
Shoulder to the wind
Never needing anything
Not asking for help
Independent and strong
Surviving but not living
The lone wolf comes in from the cold
I see you are child of light
You are safe here in my arms
And you will always be valued for who you are
The lone wolf comes in from the cold
You are always welcome at our table
I will give you my chamomile tea
I will listen to your stories
There is no need to be silent anymore
I will hug you if you are feeling sad
You will never be ignored again
The lone wolf, alone no more.

               Lawrence Wade


Falling into Spring

The wind is blowing warm across my skin.
Urgently it draws me into the night.
I sense you there
And I begin to play.
You whisper,
I dance.
The wind caresses my face.
I am alive under the stars.
I hear the flutter of night wings,
The flutter of my heart.
I am still.
The night moves around me.
The moon smiles down.
I reach out my arms
I’m filled with joy.
I am falling into spring.



Christina Gregory – Chinese Ink and Brush Painting



















Chinese ink and Brush paintings – James Gregory
The Chinese say, all Chinese ink and brush paintings begin with understanding how to paint a rock!
















Pelicano – Lawrence Wade


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