Fifteen Rays of Hope

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Last week I participated in an ArtStart* project  that focused on African biomes. For four days I was blessed to be among 15  creative young adults. Students researched their biome, created murals, and recorded information about creatures in their biome. The murals became interactive when they were wired for sound.

Leah Terry  15 years old
I have been with ArtStart* for more than 10 years. Maddie and I did our project on the deep ocean biome. This is a really important one for me because I have always loved the ocean. I am a swimmer and water is vital to me. Learning about the endangered species has always been concerning for me, but I think that ArtStart* camps have helped me connect more and learn about all the issues the oceans are facing today.

Leah Terry
Doing this research has really hit me that there are so many beautiful animals becoming endangered because of how humans are treating our planet. I hope that when people see this art that they will connect with it too. If they listen to the research we did and to the problems that ocean animals are facing, maybe they will be inspired to learn more and to help out, at the very least.

Check out the intensity of the class as they are wiring their interactive boards. This video can only be seen on Safari/not Firefox.

Carter Anton – 14 years old
I envision that I could go into any type of art: cooking, dance, music, sculpting, painting and drawing. Ideally I would like to have a career that I could mesh several of those together.
Kate Lindeman – 13 years old      In the class I learned a lot about all the animals and it helped me realize that I should be doing what I can to help. It was really fun to work together as a group; to make decisions and to paint together.

Isabel Lev – 17 years old. I have trouble focusing in school and always try to take an art class because I can relax and bring the tension down. This camp is very important to me. I can’t even remember how old I was when I started here. It is really nice to teach other kids that art is something that you don’t necessarily have to be good at, but use it as a means to express yourself and express things that can be taught to other people.

Carol Sirrine is the director of ArtStart, and with her vision she has given thousands of young people an opportunity to express their art in camps, festivals, and in schools.

To learn more about ArtStart,  go to:


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