Make Your Heart Sing

80 teenagers for a week in the woods Hopkins Field Biology class. Sound a little scary?…… No cell phones or electronics, just being in the woods with kids who were totally open to the beauty that surrounded them…..  it made my heart sing.

Lorie Regenold



Marbled skies peek through the branches
Like black veins leading to a rooted heart
Leaves shield raindrops like hands cradling children
From the earth as a fire lights the sky
Impatient with lust for a night as black as coal.
Ada Turman

Lorie Regenold

I see a fork in the road
Wondering which path I should take.
The dark woods with owls and raccoons
Or a bright green meadow, with flowers and bees,
I took the path to beauty and nature
A path I’ll never forget
Vienna A.


Hundred Year Moment

Don’t breathe
Don’t speak,
Don’t get lost.
Four hundred years of history all covered in moss
I tiptoe through the bushes – there’s a deer
Stranger danger!
There’s no time to hide
Or to call the park ranger
So I turn on the dime and slip into the mud
Awakening the frightful beast with a sloppy wet thud
I try to run away but my foot gets
Caught in brush and Bramble
I tear away from nature’s grasp in a desperate mad scramble
The deer charges
I loosen my feet and sprint away
Under the shade of oak
I couldn’t tell night
From day
I broke away
The deer was gone; silence reigned
Through the mossy scape
A bed of mushrooms lay in wait
I knew I’d made my escape
So don’t breathe
Don’t speak
And don’t get shaken
Just because the forest is quiet
Doesn’t mean it can’t awaken.
Alex Patridge

Wolf spider
Lorie Regenold


Rushing, bubbling down my bed, 
Going faster the farther I head
Over rock and tons of sand,
Traveling all across the land.
Past frogs that leap and croak,
And snakes that slither and gloat.
For I am the creek that rushes past
Bubbling and spraying everything in my path.
Helena Mitchell

The peaceful sound of the stream flowing
Flowers, trees and greens growing.
Footsteps are wandering
On the quiet, peaceful path.
Take it all in
The grass, trees, flowers and greens.
As each one has its story
Mother nature in its glory
Gracie Sundell

Lucy’s Nature notes

Thick underbrush grasps for pale sunlight
From thin stems reach fans of young leaves
A gentle bed, fit for a bumblebee
From shy sprouts spills royal bells
And bright yellow blossoms reach to the trees
Whom sit lifeless, waiting for a breeze
Songbirds twitter furiously in the branches
At the clouds, at the sky,
At the squirrel that skitters by

Lucy Smith



Steven Barnier


I see animals running and jumping on the ground

I hear many unique sounds in the woods
Everywhere I walk I see trees
and emerald green leaves

I see lots of flowers
and feel like I have lots of powers
I hope you know nature is everywhere.
I love nature

Danielle Lee

Nature Notes –  Hannah A.R.



The Senses of the World

Dobsonfly – photo  byLorie Regenold

I see the brown tree
I see the hollow river
I see that little bee
Mother Nature, the giver

I feel the sun
I feel its heat
When the sun is done
The crickets make a beat

I hear a caw
That comes from a crow
That’s what I saw
It’s a present without a bow

I taste the woods
I drank from a well
Its like a house without a head
The birds sing like a bell.

Joey K.


Great Spangled Fritillary
Vienna A.


Animals on Parade
Ants are wondrous, like plants all around
Stars at night, animals do not have fright
Songs heard by ear are quite clear!
An owl lays there, yes right there in the air
All around the river not a sound
So keep right there – Animals are always around

Henry Risser

Old Naturalist portrait
Ben Johnson















Night Hike

Vienna A.

Walking in the woods
Listening to the birds
Hearing the sounds of nature
Looking up at the trees.
Walking on the path
Pointing out things to eachother,
swatting gnats
In our faces.
What a beautiful night.

They are beautiful just like you and me!

Calais A.


Fungus – photo by  Steven Barnier

Fire in the night
The birds are singing
Squirrels are chattering
Water is flowing
Crickets are humming,
bugs are buzzing
Rustling leaves,
toads are crossing
People are walking
No more city lights
Just endless woods

Brody Hendershot




12th grade camp out –   photo by Trey Waterman


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One Response to Make Your Heart Sing

  1. Sara Turman says:

    Thanks for sharing! Ada and Mae had such a wonderful time with you at Eagle Bluff. They are already excited about next year and going back to Wolf Ridge.

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