A Quarter Century at the Friends of the Trail Prairie

For the past 25  years, a few of us have transformed an abandoned lot into a native prairie.

The prairie is right beside a bike path and walkers often look at us in disbelief. One of our favorite quotes is: “What are you doing down there, do you know?”.  When we first started it was one acre of European spurge, Canada thistle, ragweed, and brome grass.

We have created a booklet about planting a vacant lot:

One Vacant Lot

If you live in the Minneapolis, please visit the prairie. It is across the street from “The Marsh” health club. at 15000 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka 55345

Native Big Bluestem
In the early going, we planted over a hundred grasses and flowers a year. We used the burlap to control weeds so the plants could get established. We have never used any herbicide or pesticide on the land.


Lessons learned at the prairie:
“The land knows us and gives so much as we work among the plants.”

Garter Snake – Over the years the diversity of life at the prairie has increased.

Lessons learned at the prairie: 
” Nature can balance the rough places inside you.”

Cup Plant
The leaves of the plant form a “cup” that birds and insects drink from.

 Lessons  learned at the Prairie:
“Let the beauty go deep into your bones”.

Pale Coneflower

Lessons learned at the Prairie:
” Every living thing has a unique vibration. Share your vibration with the plant.”

Mountain Mint
An August favorite of many pollinators.

Lessons learned at the Prairie:
“Be appreciative of the life that is around you”.

Queen of the Prairie
A wetland plant in the rose family with beautifully scented flowers.

Lessons learned at the Prairie:
” Life is so much better when your hands are digging in the Earth.”

Rattlesnake Master
A favorite of pollinators in July. The plant is a a northern type of agave .

Lessons learned at the Prairie:
Respect the weeds, they are teachers too.
(vetch, thistle, canada anemone, and European Spurge).

wild rose

Lessons learned at the prairie:
“Say “good morning” to the plants and to the people walking by on the trail”.


Lessons learned at the Prairie ( from reader Dale Antonsen)
A true guardian is one who finds their encouragement (and benefit) from a simple flower, the flutter of wings and the buzz of happy bees.

Blooms in late July to early August

Lessons learned at the Prairie:  “Work with others whom you care about.”

Friends of the Prairie
25 years later

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2 Responses to A Quarter Century at the Friends of the Trail Prairie

  1. kathy adams says:

    So lovely all of you

    such joy

    you share the beauty

  2. Linda Russell says:

    Great work! I had no idea…thank you for sharing your wonderful prairie with us.

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