Nature School

Gatewood Elementary is becoming known as an environmental school in the west suburbs of Minneapolis. 4th grade teachers, Jeremy Hahn and Amanda Van Wye have incorporated environmental studies into their regular science curriculum. For many years, they have brought their students to Lone Lake Park for a fall environmental camp. This is an all day outdoor learning event.

photo by Amy Weber

On the nature hike, Mr. Hahn gave the students some “solo” time in the woods. They took notes, and or wrote poetry.

In the cold, Fall space I share
Beautiful long trees surround me with air
Fear not, I hear the bear stands here
Singing songs of joy that he hears.
Up in the trees with the beautiful colors
such as rose red stand right there.
Look down from every branch,
Getting darker by the time is near
After that, “Bye” I say to the calm and cold Fall air.
Queen Okunola

Jenny and Mia
photo by Amy Weber

Mrs Van Wye taught the macro and micro invertebrate class, using pond water from the lake. For the micro invertebrates, students used 30x microscopes. Students had to identify, draw and describe the behavior of the aquatic creatures.

Tree identification was the 3rd class that was taught. Students had to make leaf rubbings from leaves collected from trees in the park, identify them and write a note about them.

Tree lab
Photo by Amy Weber

The art work below was created by using plant pigments, dirt and Buckthorn berries.


Every Friday, Mr. Hahn and Mrs Van Wye take their students out for environmental studies. Below is some of their work that was completed during the peak of fall color.

Art work by Kayla

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  1. Barry Bonoff says:

    Keep this material coming> bb

  2. Grace Sheely says:

    Wonderful student works and photos. Thank you and all the students for their creativity.

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