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Bees, Wasps and Other Pollinators

What do you know about bees and wasps? I would assume probably as little as myself. For most of my adult life, I believed that all bees/wasps stung (not true). The only bees/wasps I knew were the common ones that … Continue reading

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Common Dragonflies and Damselflies

Over the past summer, I have made it a goal to learn more about common dragonflies and damselflies in my neighborhood. I started observing and photographing them; bought a wonderful book titled: Dragonflies of the Northwoods by Kurt Mead and … Continue reading

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Spring Peeper Meadow

June 26, 2013 There it was on Jessica’s shirt collar, and then it started slowly walking up her hair. It was a new-born meadowhawk dragonfly that had just hatched into an adult.  We felt a very special connection between the … Continue reading

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Classifying insects

 How is a Bug Different From a Beetle? To most people, insects are “bugs”. A naturalist knows that there are many types of insects and insect-like animals in the weeds or in a butterfly garden. How is a fly different … Continue reading

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Monarch Program

Monarchs are one of the few insects to migrate. The monarchs travel over 1700 miles to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Central Mexico.        Its a Long Way to Mexico C                                                G The monarchs left … Continue reading

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Decomposers Spanish

La lombriz juan C                  Em                  F                      G El gusano juan tiene mucho que hacer. C                  Em                  F                      G Sus amigos en el bosque lo aman . C                  Em                  F                      G Mastica las hojas que caen sobre el suelo.   C                  … Continue reading

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Bee Program Spanish

Las Abejas, Las Avispas y Los Avispones El  Abejorro  – Bumblebee              La Avispa de papel    –   Paper wasp                  La Avispa de chaqueta amarilla Yellow Jacket El Avispón Hornet  Abeja de la miel Honey bee La Mosca de la … Continue reading

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Decomposer program

Decomposers song C                     Em             F        G Decomposers have a lot to do C                     Em             F           G Their friends in the forest love them too! C                    Em              F              D Chews the leaves that fall on the ground C                     Em          F         G       … Continue reading

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Wooly Bear Mania

Wooly bears are fuzzy caterpillars and tend to appear in great numbers when the weather gets warm in the fall. They are the caterpillar of a small white moth known as the Isabella Moth. Kids love to handle them because … Continue reading

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Adios Monarca

There wasn’t a big going away party last week, but there should have been! The monarchs have left for their wintering grounds in Mexico. It was a rough summer for the monarchs, probably due to the lack of rain here. … Continue reading

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